Commercial Auto Insurance

Get Customized Commercial Auto Insurance to Fit Your Companies Specific Needs

Your business has unique, specific needs. That is why we’ve designed our flexible plans to cover a wide variety of industries and vehicles so your business is always protected.
Get insurance with SCI Insurance and start enjoying our top-notch, low cost coverage.

Our Goals
At SCI Insurance, our goal is to make commercial auto insurance affordable and flexible, meeting your insurance needs where and when you need it most.
Call us today at (562) 430-4704 and let us present you with a policy that fits your specific needs. We offer free insurance quotes.

Our Products
• Liability
• Collision
• Comprehensive
• Medical
• Personal Injury Protection (PIP)*
• Uninsured/Underinsured
*Coverage may not be required in all states, or may be offered in lieu of medical where required.

• Artisan Business/Service Contractor
• Catering Businesses
• Construction
• Farming
• Office
• Pest Control
• Retail
• Sales/Marketing Professionals
• Wholesale

• Passenger Vehicles
• Vans, Pickups and SUVs
• Flatbeds and Stake Trucks
• Box Trucks
• Refrigerator and Utility Trucks
Talk to us so we can determine if you qualify for discounts such as multiple policies, good driving discounts, safe drivers, seniors, etc.

Call us at (562) 430-4704.

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