Condo Insurance

Get a Policy Specific to Your Needs with Condo Insurance from SCI Insurance.

As a condo owner, the insurance needs you have are very different from renters and homeowners, that is why we have built unique insurance options catered to your needs.
Our staff of professionals are here to offer you great coverage for your specific needs, with unbeatable coverage, at the right price.

Our Goals
Our primary objective is to find you the best coverage at the lowest price, while making sure you are provided with great service insurance offerings specifically catered to your unique needs as a condominium owner.
Call us today at (562) 430-4704 and let us present you with a policy that fits your specific needs. We offer free insurance quotes.

Our Products
• Personal Property
• Additional Personal Property
• Improvements
• Loss Assessment
• Additional Living Expenses
• Personal Liability Protection
• Guest Medical Protection
• Workers’ Comp Coverage
• Condos Rented to Others

Available Discounts
Everyone likes it when they save. Ask your agent about these and other discounts.
• Multi-Policy (Auto & Condo)
• Gated Community
• Smoke Alarms
• Security Monitoring
• Selecting a Higher Deductible

Call us at (562) 430-4704.

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