Get 5 Steps Closer to Finding the Right Car

Scoping the market for a new car? Before you buy, take a look at this list to ensure that you are taking a leap in the right direction.

Step 1: Considering Cost
When looking for a new vehicle, many people just look at the purchase price and forget to consider the cost of repairs, gas mileage and overall value depreciation.

What do we mean?
If you plan on keeping your car for any period of time, chances are you are going to replace something. Depending on the model and make, this may send your bank account for a ride it won’t soon forget. Also, some cars depreciate in value faster than others or cost significantly more to insure and fuel. Be sure to keep these factors in mind while scoping out those four-wheeled wonders.

Step 2: What kind of car do you NEED?
How do you find the right car for your needs? Good questions to ask yourself are:
• How many people will you need to transport?
• How long is your daily commute?
• What safety features are you looking for?
• Do you need an four-wheel or a all-wheel drive?
• Will your vehicle easily fit into your garage or parking space?
• Does this vehicle tow easily?
• Does your bad back require flexible seating options?
• Do you regularly haul anything?

Step 3: Research, research, research.
The good thing about researching cars in the digital age is that you don’t even have to leave your home. You can, but if you are tech-savvy, many dealerships now offer “virtual” departments where you can research features, look at pictures and check ratings. Often times, the only thing left for you to do is test drive.

Step 4: The test drive.
Depending on how you plan on using the car after you purchase it determines how you should test drive it. If your commute involves a lot of stop-and-go traffic at freeway speeds, steep grades, large bumps, tight corners or more, be sure to test this in your potential new car. It may also be a good idea to get in and out of your vehicle several times and test out the backseat to ensure the comfort of passengers. In other words, check EVERYTHING so that you buy with complete confidence.

Step 5: Get on the road with low cost auto insurance at SCI Insurance.
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