Umbrella Insurance

Protect Your Family Against the Unexpected with Umbrella Insurance.

Though you may feel your current insurance policies offer adequate protection, that may not be the case. What would happen if your dog accidently bit a stranger? What if your mail carrier trips in your driveway and injures themselves? What if you severely injure someone in a car crash? What if a tree in your front yard falls and destroys your neighbors’ vehicle? That’s what umbrella insurance is for.
Work with our agents and come up with a plan to cover your situation. Our agents provide affordable policies to protect you against even the most unexpected.

Our Goals
With umbrella insurance, our goal is to insure that your family is covered in all of lives situations with coverage they can count on at a price they can afford. We offer low rates, great service and exceptional financial strength.
Call us today at (562) 430-4704 and let us present you with a policy that fits your specific needs. We offer free insurance quotes.

Our Products
• Bodily Injury Liability
• Property Damage Liability
• Owners of Rental Units
• Personal Liability

Available Discounts
Everyone likes it when they save. Ask your agent about these and other discounts.
• Multi-Policy
• Gated Community
• Smoke Alarms
• Security Monitoring
• Selecting a Higher Deductible

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